I have made a new poster for the last few days for votes which ends at 23.59hrs on the 7th November.

Vote on line and possibly win a prize. Click here to enter site

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Visitors comment about tennis ball

A visitor to the centre on the 19th on seeing the photo of the small hoglet from Perth remarked with tongue in cheek ” Good thing it wasn’t from Dunblane”.

Hoglet from Perth

Now this week a certain ANDY MURRAY who is from Dunblane is in the SPORT nominees for the Glenfiddich Spirit Of Scotland Awards. We all know what his sport is.

I better hide the header from facebook Hedgie Centre Wormit in case the shout will be “NEW BALLS PLEASE”.

Lintrathen Sawmill 4, Kirriemuir, Angus

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Prickly problem solved by diet

Edinburgh the heavyweight hedgehog is now coming down in weight after being on a reduced amount of mealworms and a larger enclosure in the Hedgehog Hilton. Others out beside her are thinking about hibernating with the change in temperature but she still comes out every night for her mealworms.

She was weighed on the 24th and now tips the scales at a respectable 1235 grams and can roll into a fairly tight ball. She didn’t take too kindly having to pose for the photographer. The results can be seen in this copy of the article that was in The Press And Journal yesterday. The cartoon with it is appropriate and must have been done for this hedgehog.

This newspaper also mentions the fact that we are nominated for the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award.

Please get your vote in by 23.59hrs on the 7th November and help to get the hedgehog recognized in Scotland.


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Good news for WORMIT HEDGEHOGS as they have reached the shortlist for the ENVIRONMENT category of the prestigious GLENFIDDICH SPIRIT OF SCOTLAND AWARDS 2013.

This year you can vote for nominees in the categories of Food, Music, the Environment, Screen, Art, Business, Writing and Sport. The nominees have been shortlisted by the Awards judging panel but it is over to you to decide the final winners.

Details of the categories and profiles of the 4 finalists are published in The Scotsman Weekend Life Magazine, and will appear each Saturday during the run up to the Awards. You can also vote for the 
Top Scot award, an open category where you can vote for the Scot whom you feel has most excelled in their professional field and furthered Scotland’s reputation for achievement at home or abroad. Readers are invited to vote for their preferred winner either by post or via this link:

Vote here




The Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards, now in their 16th year, have grown to be regarded as among the country’s top accolades – made all the more important because the final winners are selected by you. Last year, readers cast their votes by the thousand for winners including Scotland’s Olympians, actress Kelly Macdonald, Gaelic songstress Julie Fowlis and businesswoman Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne of Genius Foods.

The consulting panel for the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards includes: Ian Stewart (Scotsman editor), Sally Gordon (Glenfiddich), Peter Irvine (Unique Events), Fiona Bradley (Fruitmarket Gallery), Stewart Harris (SportScotland), Leslie Hills (Skyline Productions) and correspondents from The Scotsman newspaper.

Voting in this year’s awards

Spirit of Scotland Awards will automatically give you the chance to win a luxury two-night break for two including a VIP visit to the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown. The winner and their guest will stay at multi-award-winning Meldrum House country hotel and golf course in scenic Oldmeldrum, renowned for its delicious cuisine and luxurious rooms. They will also be taken on an inspiring Pioneers’ Tour of the Glenfiddich Distillery. This tour combines an in-depth visit with the chance to bottle your own whisky and enjoy a nosing and tasting masterclass of some of Glenfiddich’s finest single malts aged up to 30 years.

The combination of Meldrum House’s sophistication and style and Glenfiddich’s beautiful, historic distillery showcasing whisky-making at its very finest is sure to make for a most memorable visit.


10 runners-up can raise a glass to mark this year’s awards with a 
bottle of award-winning Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, the world’s favourite single malt.

More information on the Glenfiddich range and prize conditions can be found at

All entrants must be over 18.

The Awards take place on Thursday 28th November at Prestonfield House, Edinburgh and the last chance to vote will the 7th November.

The voting for our category starts on Saturday 12th October and ends on the 7th November so please vote for us as this is a great honour to reach this stage after 19 years of caring for hedgehogs and still taking them in.

I have prepared an A4 poster for this event and will attach a .jpeg copy to this blog. Please download and print copies to put up in your locality, we need the votes. Thank you.






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Kirkcaldy Hoglet makes safe refuge

This 82 grams hoglet was discovered on Sunday 6th October due to the activity of 2 magpies. The owner looked out and was puzzled as to why there was magpies in the street flying up and down. It was this poor little hoglet that was out and they were attacking it.

The owners phoned at 9.30am and asked if it was alright to bring it to us which we agreed to and said that we would prepare a warm bed for it. It now in a large propagator and living the life of rielly with goats milk, dried mealworms and supermeat cat food.

The quicker we get them the better the chances of survival since ones this size can go downhill rapidly through being cold and wet. This little girl will stay with us for the winter and then see how she is come the spring.

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The sudden change in the weather is having a worrying effect on hedgehogs. Some of the larger ones have gone into semi hibernation mode which has left the smaller ones on their own to search for food. We at Wormit Hedgehog Care Centre would like to see hedgehogs weighing at least 650 grams (1.5lb) by the end of this month if they are to survive hibernation.

With the long cold spell at the start of the year meant that the hedgehogs were later coming out of hibernation and therefore later before they had the first litter of babies. Normally September is when a lot of the second litter are born and these are the ones that are brought in to care for the winter since their natural food becomes less active and eventually disappears. It is not the cold that will kill these juveniles but the lack of food brought about by the cold so even in really cold weather they will have to continue to forage. Putting out extra food for the hedgehogs can be a lifesaver. Meaty cat or dog food, dried cat biscuits and even dried mealworms will all be appreciated by a hungry hedgehog.

This year has seen a large drop in the numbers reported or found requiring assistance. In previous years we have taken in around 30 by the end of March but this year it was the 22nd April before the first one was brought in and only 30 by the end of August. Please take extra care if raking up leaves and tidying your garden as there may be a hedgehog already nesting in there. Any piles of netting should be carefully examined in case one has decided to make a nest and better still store it away off the ground. If a hedgehog is caught in the net then please take it with either the whole net or the part it is caught in to a rescue centre where they will remove the net without more damage to the hedgehog. One caught in a net should be kept under observation for at least 7 days before deciding whether it has sustained internal injuries

People often say to me that hedgehogs are full of fleas. This used to be the case when I started to rehabilitate hedgehogs almost 19 years ago but this no longer seems to be the case. Many of the hedgehogs brought in do not have fleas, out of over 300 one year we were barely in to double figures for ones that needed treated. This is a worry because will the cause of the flea decline work its way up the chain and eventually affect the hedgehog population.

If you find a hedgehog needing help or if you need more advice you can call us on 01382 541311 or the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 who have a list of carers – IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY AND THE HEDGEHOG WILL BE HAPPY.


Thank You.


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Edinburgh – The heavyweight Hedgehog is now slimming

The heavyweight hedgehog that was brought in from the Edinburgh area last November at 415 grams and would gorge itself on dried mealworms and cat biscuits is now showing progress with her diet.
From 2.3k on the 8th May it was 2183g on the 20th June and down to 2079g on the 10th July and still sticking to her diet.
Weighed again on the 2nd September she is now down to 1441g but still does not roll into a really tight ball. Now that the weather is starting to change it looks like she will spend another Christmas with us where she will be safe to hibernate with food always available when she wakes up.
Normally I would like to see hedgehogs weighing at least 650g by the end of September to give them a chance of survival when they hibernate. Any less than that weight and I would keep them with us untill the spring to at least give them a fighting chance to cope with the following year.
Hedgehogs are very scarce this year and there has been a downward trend over the last few years so they need all the help they can get if there is to be any around in a few years time. We keep saying that this will be the last year for taking them in but how can you say no when someone appears at the door with a cardboard box and a sickly hoglet, juvenile or adult hedgehog in it. Without the public that finds these poor hedgehogs and stops to pick them up there would be a lot less in the countryside so we have to do our bit to help.

Edinburgh weigh-in on 10/07/2013 at 2079grams

Edinburgh weigh-in on 10/07/2013 at 2079grams

Edinburgh's diet is working - now 1441grams on 02/09/2013

Edinburgh's diet is working - now 1441grams on 02/09/2013

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Never a dull moment from coping with a large 2.3 Kilo hedgehog to now hand rearing 2 survivors of a mower accident on a golf course. The hoglets were brought to us on the 30th July from Letham Grange Golf Course near Arbroath after they were found when the “Rough grass” was being cut.

They were the only survivors of this tragedy and were about 1 week old and weigh 55 grams.
After living in an electric propagator and a diet of goats milk they are now at 60 grams. Their eyes are still not open which makes them around the 14 day old.

Letham Grange Hoglet

Letham Grange Hoglet ready for feeding


Very few hedgehogs around this year, 26 brought in for care to date and normally we would have had that number by the end of May. There has not even been the usual numbers sighted on the road.


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Since put on a diet in May when it weighed in at 2.3Kg and then at 2.182Kg on the 20th June is now down to 2.079Kg on the 10th July. It is still too chubby to be released as it is unable to curl up into a tight ball so it looks like it may be a lodger for another winter with us.

20 June @ 2.182Kg

10 July @ 2.079Kg. Weight heading in the right direction, normally looking for it going up but this time going down is the target.

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This hedgehog has been on a crash diet since it was weighed at 2.3kg on the 8th May. It only has a hamster dish of dried mealworms and a small dish of cat biscuits per day but still it doesn’t loose much weight.
Today, 20th June it has weighed in at 2182 grams and the previous heaviest one was in 2009 at 2.04kg in Herefordshire.


Weighs in at 2182grams


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