charlie the hoglet

100_2275 100_2285 100_2286 100_2294 100_2301 100_2304 100_2305 100_2292Update on Charlie from Islay. He arrived here on the 5th November after a ferry and car journey from Islay and was 202 grams and minus a front leg. He was found out of the nest and it appears that he was born with only a stump of a leg beneath the skin.
He has been steadily gaining weight and was up to 259 grams yesterday and tends to sleep during the day and then be active at night. We often hear him knocking his dishes around and then he looks all innocent at 5.30am.
I have managed to take a few photos that show his stump and also his dark face colour and large ears.
The ones in the outside runs are mostly hibernating now but pop out for a bite to eat are every now and again. All the lodgers in the other building are still very active but a lot of them are only around the 4 -500 grams so are still light for hibernating. After taking in 107 this year things have quietened down a bit but still plenty to do with all the residents.

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