Had a pleasant evening on the 29th at St Michaels Inn with The Rotary Club of North Fife to be presented with their CITIZEN OF THE YEAR 2014 Award for caring for hedgehogs over the last 19 years.

Came home at 9.15pm to messages about a hedgehog found in Methil that was poorly. It was brought to us but unfortunately it died through the night as did the previous small one that was found on Monday 26th.

The males brought in this year have now totalled 9 with 7 died so the decision was taken to take these 2 up to the Scottish Agricultural College Veterinary Services place at Perth and have post mortems carried out to establish if there is some infection going around that only effects the males.

Have to thank my neighbour Rick for the lift to Perth as I am still not driving.

I will post the results of the PM’s when I get them. The last one that I took to them had died of Pasteurellosis due to Pasteurella multocida infection in 2008. It had developed swellings around the throat area and died. At necropsy an abscess in the right pharyngeal area extended along the right side of the larynx and proximally towards the ear. Pasteurella multocida was cultured from the abscess.

Google “Pasteurella multocida” and “Pasteurellosis” and be surprised where it comes from and who can be affected by it.

100_2100-best Apology for the shadows but I laid the picture on the floor in the conservatory and the reflection on the glass was part of my shadow and the roof beams.

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