Discarded fish hooks and hedgehogs

Why can’t fishermen take their old hooks and line away with them? This poor hedgehog was found yesterday (26th April) at Flisk Point (between Balmerino & Newburgh, Fife) with a fish hook and length of line caught in its mouth. The hook was removed by Provost Vets at Newport and the hedgehog returned to us….today its tongue is less swollen and the wee fella is looking a lot happier.

After surgery to remove fish hook from mouth

Weight on arrival was 744 grams, liquid diet  and weight on 30th down to 679g. Mouth healing and starting to nibble at tin food and dry biscuits now.
Had trip out to Lochee Primary School, Dundee on 4th May to collect a cheque from Primary 5/6 pupils and photo taken by the Evening Telegraph photographer (Photo below in next days paper).

P5/6 Lochee Primary School pupils with hedgehog

6th May received bill for treatment: £19.45 plus £3.65 for Baytril antibiotics.
Expensive discarded fish hook!
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