Emergency Information

If you have a hedgehog emergency please phone 01382 541311 between 6am and 9.30pmphone

Hedgehogs should be handled with thick gloves, their spines are sharp and they may bite. Once you have established that a hedgehog is in need of assistance, pick it up and put it in a cardboard box.

The box should be lined with newspaper and an old towel, never use wood shavings, hay or shredded office or newspaper, as they can contaminate wounds, and if the hedgehog is active in the box, paper or hay can become wrapped around limbs and cause further problems, office paper can cut their feet.

You can also add a hot water bottle, (or any plastic bottle filled with warm water) wrapped with a towel, to the box, as direct heat will help an animal that is suffering from shock. A cold animal will not attempt to eat anything but once it has warmed up offer it some water, NEVER GIVE IT COWS MILK AND BREAD.

You should then take the hedgehog to a wildlife rescue centre as soon as possible, or call us for further details on 01382-541311


Hedgehog fleas are host specific: they can only live on hedgehogs, they are harmless to humans and domestic pets, and cannot live in your carpet or furniture like other fleas. Never spray a hedgehog with flea spray. If they are completely infested, we feel that the only safe product to use is a pyrethrum based powder such as Johnson’s “Ridmite” for cage birds. A small amount sprinkled down its back will get rid of the fleas within minutes.

We do not come out to sunbathe.

If you see us lying stretched out during the day it means we are ill and looking for a kind person to take care of us. If we lie out too long the flies will lay their eggs on us which means in a couple of day’s time we will be a meal for maggots.

One point to remember – we are an enigma in the mammal world.

Hedgehogs found in broad daylight are nearly always ill. However, they display hyperactivity, especially when confined to a box, and all the finders tell us ” there doesn’t look much wrong with it, it’s really active,  it’s going mad trying to get out of the box and has just eaten a full dish of food”.

Mammals, when sick, go very quiet, curl up somewhere and try to sleep themselves better. Hedgehogs do the exact  opposite! A healthy hedgehog when disturbed will curl up into a ball and stay like that until all danger has passed.

Don’t be fooled, rescue us, PLEASE.