Glenfiddich Spirit Of Scotland Awards Night

Oh well that’s the big night over and as I expected the award went to the one that I said would be the main competition, Gordon Buchanan the Wildlife Cameraman/Presenter. A few comments heard were that it seems that the public prefer to see photos/films of wildlife rather than saving them.

A big thank you to everyone that voted for me and the hedgehogs. I know there will be a lot of disappointed voters out there but these things happen and we just have to get on with it and worry about where the next sick or injured hedgehog is going to come from. A lot of people have said there will always be another time but at the rate the hedgehogs are dissapearing there willl be none to care for very soon. A few years ago it was the sharp rise in food prices that  looked like we would have to close (plus injuries and hospitalisation) but we managed to overcome these hitches but the lack of hedgehogs is something we have no control over.

Speaking to some of the other guests from up north and they also appear to have a lack of hedgehogs but plenty badgers around. Things are looking grim for the hedgehog population these days, we have taken in 51 so far for this year (in 2008 we had 54 admitted in November alone) and now have 22 in care. The last two came in on the 23rd from Montrose at 332 grams and the other on the 27th from Perth at 353 grams.

The seating arrangement for the meal had me next to Judy Murray and it would have been Andy on the other side except that he was in Miami. Andy won the Sport category and also Top Scot.

The presentation video for our nomination was excellent by showing the small hedgehog from Kirkcaldy that was being attacked by 2 Magpies when it was rescued. It was shot by Gerry & Celine Clark of who were doing all the presentation shots.

Must also give a BIG THANK YOU to whoever it was that nominated us in the first place and to the panel that selected us for the finals. Also thanks to Grants & Glenfiddich for the enjoyable evening at the awards and the present of the bottle whisky.

Must not forget a mention to Esther McLuckie who must have wondered what sort of place she had phoned that evening in September. She was just unlucky that she phoned after we had answered the phone twice in the previous 15 minutes to nusiance calls. When she said that she was delighted to confirm that Wormit Hedgehogs have reached the shortlist etc my reaction was to wonder what the catch was and how much was it going to cost. After she sent an email through I had to phone back the next day and apologise for sounding a bit suspicious the evening before and explain about the other calls. After meeting her at awards we had a good laugh about it, so THANK YOU ESTHER.

I will attach a photo of Montrose on the left and Perth on the right of the bottle of whisky that was given to us with our own special label.

Montrose and Perth with Glenfiddich Whisky


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