Hedgehog Diary

2008 A busy year for hedgehogs

It has been a busy year with the first arrival on the 7th January from St Cyrus, Montrose followed by another 4 that month.

February started off with a lonely 276g male found wandering across the car park outside Wallace Vets in Carnoustie. He was rescue by vet nurse Emma Light who then contacted us. The story then featured in the local and some national papers the following week and was also on STV North Tonight news bulletin with David Marsland the reporter who called it “Wallace the Braveheart”.  A further 7 were admitted = total 13 this year.

March was quieter – 6 admitted. April started to get busy with 15 admitted to bring the total to 34 this year. Started to release 12 of the hardy souls that have been in the “Hilton” outdoor enclosure. May continued with the release of another 28 but also saw 30 brought in. June continued with a steady stream of sick and injured hedgehogs, 38 to bring the years total to 102 now. On the 17th we had to supply a hedgehog for a photo shoot with Network Rail at Perth. It was to do with a wall that was rebuilt and an opening was left to enable any hedgehog’s access to the back garden of the houses. The photo of the hedgehog looking out of the tunnel has appeared in a few publications now.

July was the start in earnest of the hoglets so the electric propagators were brought in to use again, a few of the earlier hedgehogs were fit and released but we still admitted 40 this month (gets a bit crowded here). August was slightly quieter with only 36 admitted except that a lot were hoglets (60 – 140g) and a few more released.

Trying to keep the resident numbers down as I am due to go into hospital for an operation on my knee in October and still waiting for another on my hand (Gamekeepers thumb) and also my shoulder. This all came about due to a fall at an open day in July 2006 and was informed by A&E that I had only sprained my thumb and bruised my knee and shoulder.

September has brought the total for this year to 207 with 29 mostly strimmer injuries brought in. October saw me in hospital on the 8th for my knee operation (keyhole surgery) so back home that evening and looking after the residents the next day. A bit difficult reaching the lower boxes with a knee strapped up, takes longer to carry out the chores. 37 in this month and a lot were around 200g or less.

Main care area looking in

Main care area looking out






November started off very busy – 21 in the first five days and mostly hoglets, running out of propagators and heat pads. Heavy frost on the last two nights of the month and taken in 54 this month which bring the year total to 298. Received date for hand operation – 6th January 2009, should just be in for the day. December brought in 24 of which only 4 were above 350g bringing the years total to 322 with 86 residents to see in the New Year.