2009 A hectic year in many ways

Last year ended with a juvenile brought in from Inchture on the 30th  followed by another two juvenile on the 31st. The first from Montrose followed by one from Perth. These brought the years total for 2008 to 322 with 86 now in residence.

This year started of earlier than last with the first arrival on the 3rd January and again as last year it was from St Cyrus, Montrose.

Cat food increase in price

On the 5th we had a visit from The Courier photographer about the story with the sharp rise in the price of cat food from Asda last month. Asda’s Tiger brand was £0.31 a tin on the 10th December, £0.34 on the 17th and then £0.47 on the 30th. The result of this increase saw our weekly food bill shoot up to £100 + which on a pension means a lot.

The 6th had me in Stracathro Hospital, Brechin at 8am for another operation on my thumb and of course the photo and report was in the newspaper that day so it generated a lot of interest. I arrived home at 5.30pm to be told that the GMTV camera crew were coming at 6pm to do a report with the hedgehogs. This film clip was on the morning show on the 7th followed by a call from STV to come and do another shoot. The STV crew were here around 11am and the report was on the North Today programme at lunchtime and North Tonight that evening.

On the 8th the second hedgehog came from Tayport followed by a juvenile that was nesting under our shed but decided to go for a mid-day stroll on the nature trail at the back. I think that is the last of the family that were born there now.

The 10th was a radio talk in on TayAM with Lorraine and Ally. 12th was photos for the Fife Herald, 14th photos and donation from Carlogie School, Carnoustie plus another juvenile hedgehog from Muirhead, Dundee. On the 16th and 18th hedgehogs were found and then on the 19th it was back to photos and donation at Ceres Primary School. Number 7 came from Monimail on the 25th with Number 8 from Pitlessie on the 29th. Also a visit to the Nursery at Tealing Primary School, to talk about our centre on the 29th.

The month ended with a trip to Dobbies Garden Centre at Dunfermline to set up a display with some hedgehogs and information boards. Was there for the two days and had quite a good turnout on both days.

Carlogie School, Carnoustie


Balloon hedgehog at Dobbies open day

Ceres Primary

February started off with me at Dobbies Garden Centre from 11-4pm (started snowing today). 4th was a trip to St Pauls Primary School, Glenrothes for another photo shoot and food donation. The 5th was a visit from Wormit Primary School P5 for radio interview and donation. http://www.radiowaves.co.uk/story/42318

Disaster struck on the 9th, I fell on my right shoulder on the icy nature trail whilst walking the dogs at lunch time. Had to attend A&E to be told to go to my GP for pain killers, unable to lift my arm up.

10th was a busy day with a trip to the Nursery at Balmullo Primary School for food donation then a quick trip to Morrison’s Store in Dundee for 2 trolley loads of donated food collected by the TayAM radio appeal

On the 16th a juvenile hedgehog was rescued at the top of our road just before the bus was due. On the 17th I was back to the hospital for an operation on my left shoulder but had to have the right one operated on instead. Overnight stay so no boxes to clean out in the morning but a big thank you to Lyn Flanders for getting up early to assist my wife with the morning cleaning and feeding chores. She was here at 6am from the Wednesday until Saturday by which time we were then able to manage ourselves – slower than normal but did manage. The 20th a hedgehog was brought from the golf course at Thornton and then a further 2 from different locations around Montrose on the 23rd. Number 13 was another juvenile from Dundee on the 25th with another on the 27th from Laurencekirk. 6 this month, total to date=14.

March seen 4 hedgehogs from various locations and then on the 12th had a donation to collect from the Nursery at Tealing Primary School, unfortunately the photographer failed to appear.

On the 19th we had a photo shoot for the magazine “Animals & You”. This involved the young girl that rescued the juvenile on the 16th February. Was quiet until the 26th & 27th, first from Pittenweem and next from Dunkeld to bring the total to 20 now.

Animals & You Hedgehogs Special

April was taken up with hedgehogs being released, some fostered ones being returned to prepare for release and visits to the hospital for myself. On the 29th we had a photo shoot for the “Real People” magazine. This month’s rescued total was 12 = 32 to date.

I would like to thank everyone that sent donations after the various items on the TV, radio and newspapers. All money goes to the food etc for the hedgehogs.

May was the start of them coming in a bit oftener and more on the same day. On the 15th had a trip to collect a donation at the Masonic Hall, Wormit. 16 this month = 48 to date.

June started with another trip to Stracathro Hospital for an MRI scan on my thumb. On the 20th attended open day at The Cats Hotel, Balruddery with some of our lodgers and another one on the 28th at Parkside Vets, Dundee. The hedgehogs were arriving steady at one a day up until the 28th when I arrived home to find 3 hoglets from Crieff tucked up in a propagator. The 29th was a trip to Newburgh Primary Schoolto collect a donation and photo shoot. The 30th brought in another 3 from various locations, 18 this month = 66. 

 July was the build up for hoglets (14 this month), strimmer injuries and dehydrated hedgehogs (21) which brought the total to date to = 101. On the 13th visited “Schools Out” at East Church, Broughty Ferry to collect a donation.

Newburgh School


August 15th attended Gauldry Gala Day, good turnout with a lot of interest shown about the hedgehogs. Steady period with the usual influx of hoglets and casualties, unfortunately a lot were dying within an hour of arrival or the next morning. The main problem would appear to be the tale that “it has been wandering around during the day for the last few days but now it is just lying there”.


31st a baby Siskin bird was brought in very wet and sorry looking, put in a small propagator for the night, next morning it was full of beans and raring to go. Has been spotted flying around the feeders and bird table.

This months total was 32 = 133

 September started of with a few until the 5th when there were 6 arrivals which included 2very small hoglets from the Aberdeen area. Really busy now with hand feeding the smaller ones. On the 9th I had to attend Ninewells Hospital for an Ultrasound Scan on my Left shoulder. Visited St Serfs Retirement Home on the15th with a couple of juveniles to show to the residents. The 22nd was a visit to the Newport Brownies for a power point presentation. The 24th had the GMTV cameras back again to film the hoglets in the propagators; film was on GMTV morning show on the 30th. This months intake was 44 = 177 this year.

October started of fairly quiet and then a visit by the students from Elmwood College, Cupar on the 5th. There was a steady influx (30) until the 17th when we had 4 juveniles plus a mother with 6 newborn hoglets. The mother had been seen out during the day collecting leaves and had made a nest just under a plant, she was then seen out the next day along with one of the babies so the people phoned for advice. The nest – or what was supposed to be a nest was scooped up into a cardboard box with the whole family and brought to us. After a quick check that they were all safe I cut a door in the side of the box and placed it inside one of our nest boxes in the outside “Hilton” run. The mother settled down and enjoyed being out of the rain. On the 22nd we took in 3 hoglets from Blairgowrie and then another 3 less than 200gm from Inverness (brought by the SSPCA). The 28th was a visit by the Courier photographer to highlight some of the hoglets. That was a busy month with 55 to bring the total to 232 now.

Lots of young hedgehogs

November started with another visit by GMTV camera crew and then a steady trickle of juveniles until the 7th when we had a visit for a report in the “Carnoustie Newsletter”. On the 25th it was back to Ninewells Hospital for another Ultrasound Scan on my Right shoulder this time. Getting past a joke now with not being able to drive – left clicks out when changing gear forward and unable to wear the seat belt on my right shoulder. With not driving and going to collect hedgehogs has resulted in 40 less than last year at this time – just hope they were cared for someplace else. Quieter than last month with 24 = 254 total.

 December is quiet with 9 admitted up to the 11th when I had an appointment with the consultant about the scan results. Now waiting for a date to have my right shoulder fixed before they fix the other one. On the 10th we received a donation from Dairsie Primary School towards the cost for caring for the four hoglets that had been found at the school and handed in. On the 21st we had the last juvenile brought in from Kirriemuir and then had the heavy snow fall the next day onwards. 12 this month with years total at 268 (54 less than last year). This has been a disappointing year for survivors with more than average dying and a large proportion with a heavy tick burden.

Young 252g with ticks

Schools out club

Wormit school radio