2010 What is in store for us.

Last year ended with the last admission on the 21st which brought the years total for 2009 to 268 with 47 in residence. 

January was slow to start with the first arrival found out in the snow on the 14th at Madderty, Near Crieff. A little female weighing in at 471gm who was glad of a nice warm bed. The second arrival was even lighter at 335gm and from Perth on the 31st.

February started of with a date for my right shoulder operation – 16th March so I have that to think about now. The next lot of hedgehogs on the 5th from Pitlochry, 19th Wormit, 20th Markinch, 24th had the arrival of the first male who was from St. Andrews and then one of each from Milnathort on the 25th. Out of the six this month unfortunately three died and the others along with the two from last month are doing well.

March had a fairly heavy male admitted on the 5th who was very shaky and then found to be blind. Once he worked out where everything was in his box it proved to be no handicap for him. There was another female admitted on the 8th and then a further two on the 10th. There were 56 in residence when I went into hospital on the 16th for the second attempt to fix my right shoulder and fortunately my wife has the willing hands of Caryll, mother of Georgina who featured in the “Animal and You” magazine last year to help with the cleaning. Unfortunately we only had their assistance until the 26th as they were returning to Australia but Susie stepped in to do Monday-Friday and Rick helps at the weekend so all was not lost.

Intake is slower than last year with a total of 12 this year.

Blind Hedgehog in Hilton


April  the 4th had a 300gm survivor brought in and then on the 6th the first net casualty arrived along with Elspeth Badger to film the small one for GMTV which was shown on the 7th along with a piece in The Courier and a live talk in with Radio Tay. We also received two generous donations of £200 & £100 which will help with the food bills which may start to be less now that we have started to release some back into the great outdoors on the 16th (all soft release where they can expect some food and water to be available and assistance if they have any problems).

The next five all had injuries of one type or another then No.20 was brought to us from Flisk Point, Newburgh on the 26th with a length of fishing gut from its mouth. It was found snagged to a discarded fishing line that had got tangle in a tree and the baited hook had been on the ground. We had to send the person that brought it along to the vets to have it removed as I can’t drive with one arm in a sling. Another hedgehog on the 30th brought this months total to 9 = 21 this year.    

May 1st had one brought in at 511gm with a lot of ticks on it and in the afternoon I had to rescue a 1024gm male that had fallen into 4” drain on the pavement because the cover was missing. This was bad enough with a dodgy shoulder but when there was a waste pipe from the house coming into it about 9” down and someone insisted on flushing water down it did not help. In the end we won and the hedgehog was none the worse of it after a week in care and went away a happy chappy

On the afternoon of the 4th  I had a trip to Lochee Primary School to visit P5/6 with Flisk Point to collect a cheque from the children. The Evening Telegraph photographer was there to take some photos of the children with the hedgehog.

All quiet until the 13th with a local one and then another three the next day then nothing until No.28 on the 21st from Arbroath. One from Montrose on the 23rd and another from Lochee the next day then the last one on the 31st from Friockheim with a rear leg injury. So far we have now released 40 which gives a bit of space but a lot of nest boxes and runs to be cleaned ready for the summer/autumn influx. Admitted 10 this month = 31 this year.

 June and the first pregnant one arrived from Hawick Drive, Dundee on the 3rd followed by two males and then the second pregnant one. She was found by a dog walker on the 9th at Claverhouse, Dundee lying out during the day. On the 11th the first of the small ones arrived at 266gm followed by another on the 15th then adults on the 16th and 22nd.

Friday 18th now on A.S.A.P waiting list for operation to left shoulder (does that mean As Slow As Possible?) shall wait and see.

On the 24th a 100gm male arrived from Luncarty followed the next day by three 16gm newborns from Milton of Balgonie. They all had flystrike, one also had an injury to its jaw and another was very shaky. These two died the next day and the third one had gained 2gm but died the following evening.

On the 28th another suspected pregnant hedgehog was brought in from Tayport followed the next day by a 106gm from Scone and a rather smelly injured one from St. Andrews.

On the 30th I picked up a rather dazed Goldfinch at 6.34am on Hillpark Road on my way to the shop for my newspapers and just before the No 77 bus was due. I got a small box from the shop to transport it home and later that day it went to Sue Morris at Craigrothie who cares for birds. 

That was 15 hedgehogs this month = 46 this year (20 less than last year).

July started off with a big surprise – Hawick Drive (No 32) had 4 hoglets and Claverhouse (No35) had 6 all just over a day old. The next two admitted were very dehydrated, cold and wet with ticks. On the 4th my grand daughters 2 guinea pigs arrived to stay with us for the foreseeable future, then on the 9th we admitted their 3 lop eared rabbits to stay. The same day a small hedgehog came in from the nature trail through the back gate looking for lodgings.

The 11th was hectic with two hoglets from Perth that had survived an attack by gulls although another two had not and then a fledgling Robin was handed in which was the passed on to Sue Morris.

On the 12th we received a very generous donation from Lyn Haworth of Milnathort, this was the proceeds of the half price Reiki sessions that she done on our behalf.

The next five came with a variety of injuries and flystrike and then on the 20th we had three hoglets (129gm, 145gm and 165gm) from Farnell, Near Brechin. The mother had been disturbed on the 18th and had not returned so the little ones were brought to us. Late evening on the 23rd the middle one suffered a rectal prolapse and was taken to the vet first thing the next morning, unfortunately they failed to get it to stay in place so it was put to sleep and then the smallest one had done the same thing some time during the night and was found dead in the morning of the 26th.

The 165gm one was doing fine and had built its weight up to 180gm by the 31st and then died overnight.

We then had another five adult and five hoglets, smallest only 84gm, up to the end of the month. The smallest had been fed bread and milk from the 13th until we got it on the 29th so there is no telling what its original weight had been.

This was a hectic month with 33 to bring the total to 79 this year.

August started off quiet with one juvenile on the 3rd then two larger ones on the 4th and two hoglets on the 5th. On the 8th it started with two hoglets then one hoglet and to finish the day a mother and six newborns arrived from Perth. The next admissions were one on the 10th, three on the 11th, four on the 13th and back to one on the 16th.

Attended The Gauldry Gala Day with a few hedgehogs and the display boards on the 14th also received a letter that day from the hospital about my shoulder operation, 08.00 on Sunday the 29th at Stracathro Hospital. Thought things were getting quieter with one on the 20th followed then with three on the 24th, one on the 25th and four on the 26th followed by one on the 27th and five on the 28th (I think they knew that I was going into hospital).

The hospital was another experience as I thought I was going in for an overnight stay but they had other ideas. Back from recovery at 2pm and asked at 5pm what time was someone coming for me, had to then make phone calls to arrange transport home. A large male hedgehog was brought in just after I arrived home followed by a small one from Montrose on the 29th. That was 41 this month and total for year at 120.

 September started off with five on the 4th, one on the 5th and then five again on the 6th with five of them orphan hoglets that had to be kept in the propagators and hand fed (not too bad with left arm in a sling). Was steady with ones twos and threes up to the 22nd when we had another four delivered and then went steady again to the end of the month. On the 29th visited the Leng Home in Newport to show the residents a couple of the small hedgehogs. This month’s intake was 39 which is 159 for the year.

October was fairly quiet up to the 18th when we had a visit by some of the members from the Oakland Day Centre, Dundee. They enjoyed their trip out to see the hedgehogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs. The rest of the month was doing away nicely with 20 mostly hoglets up to the 28th and then the four from the sawmill at Lintrathen arrived followed by another two which brought this months total to 26. The place is starting to feel as if it is bursting at the seams with over 70 in care now. Fortunately there was a few that went to foster carers who will keep them until March and then return them to be checked over and prepared for release.

November started off fairly quiet and on the 7th Lauren started to assist with the chores. She is doing this as part of the “Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme” by coming here on the Sundays so this will give Rick the day off. Susie still comes in to assist from Monday to Friday which is a great help to us. On the 13th a female that weighed 176grams was brought in that had been found beside The Factory Shop in Cupar by a girl on her way home from school on the 10th. Then on the 15th one at 101grams was brought from Perth. On the 25th there was the first snow and on the 26th we had another visit by Oakland Day Centre. That night there was really heavy snow which carried on to a thunder storm and blizzard at the same time on Sunday the 28th. The 26th hedgehog this month was found out in the snow which now brings the years total to 211.

December and it is still snowing with an emergency on the 2nd because the roof of “The Hilton” was threatening to collapse due to the weight of snow on it. The local builder, Scott Dempster came to the rescue with some Acrow Props to support the beams and save the 11 hedgehogs out there from being covered in snow. Some mornings it was 0-8ºC and all the water dishes were frozen. Two hedgehogs brought in on the 3rd and then the first mail since the 26th November on the 6th. On the 7th it was still hard frost and two hedgehogs were found with another one the next day. On the 10th there was change in temperature to plus readings so managed to clear some of the snow from the roofs before it was back to 0-3ºC on the 12th. From the 11th to the 16th another ten juvenile hedgehogs were found and then we were back to more snow showers. The last hedgehogs this year were on the 23rd and 28th, both juveniles which brought this months total to 17 and 228 for the year. In care at the end of the year is 31 Males 35 Females = 66 (last year was 22M 25F = 47).      

Caught in goal net

Flisk after removal of fish hook

P5-6 Lochee Primary

Two hoglets in propagator



Hawick Drive babies


Claverhouse babies

Guinea Pig lodgers

Lop eared rabbit lodgers

Fledgeling Robin

Lintrathen Sawmill as they arrived

Lintrathen Sawmill 4 after weighing

Blackbird with scarf and ear muffs on

Corsie, Perth at 101grams

Blackbirds waiting to be fed

Snow removed from the Hilton roof


Props to support the hilton roof

Ice from water dishes from Hilton

Ice on the river Tay 24th December


Sorry for the gremlins that prevented the photo’s appearing in their correct places.