Hedgehog Street – a new site

There is a new website started to-day which may be of interest to a lot of hedgehog caring people.

Hedgehog Campaign

People’s Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society have joined forces to carry out a three year project to conserve hedgehogs. Together we are funding research into how hedgehogs move about the countryside and what features of farmland they like best. This will help us provide guidance to farmers about how best to manage their land for hedgehogs. We are also funding work on a new novel method of detecting hedgehog presence. This will allow volunteers to help us monitor them across the UK and will also provide a way of knowing whether hedgehogs are present on a particular site.

 Hedgehog Street is the public participation part of this larger project and we hope that you will join in!




These are the links to the site and the other parties involved.

An update for more information about The state of¬†Britain’s hedgehogs 2011 can be found at:


This is a 4 page article about the evidence of the declining hedgehog population.

Another excellent site about hedgehogs and this report can be found at:


This is the author of the hedgehog book: A Prickly Affair, and also has a good blog

More news from our patch later.

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