Hedgehogs released

Now that the weather has improved (still frosty some nights) we are finally returning some of our overwintered hedgehogs back into the wilds.

From 43 in care on the 14th March we have taken in another 11 (23 this year), released 27 and had 6 die which gives us 21 in care at the moment (10th May).

There is 3 that must think they came from New Zealand as they have gone  into hibernation since the last week in April. 

No.267 from Parkside Vets on the 18th December at 546grams found out during the day was then 1028g on the 14th March.

 No.268 in on the 21st at 400g died on the 5th January.

No.001 from Madderty on the 14th January at 471g found out in the snow eating bird food was 932g on 14th March and No.002 from Perth on the 31st january at 335g out during the day and was now 915g on the 10th April.

When you nudge their nest box all you hear is a loud hiss to let you know that they are still alive and do not want disturbed. They will emerge when they are ready to come out – and yes they are all females.


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