Kirkcaldy Hoglet makes safe refuge

This 82 grams hoglet was discovered on Sunday 6th October due to the activity of 2 magpies. The owner looked out and was puzzled as to why there was magpies in the street flying up and down. It was this poor little hoglet that was out and they were attacking it.

The owners phoned at 9.30am and asked if it was alright to bring it to us which we agreed to and said that we would prepare a warm bed for it. It now in a large propagator and living the life of rielly with goats milk, dried mealworms and supermeat cat food.

The quicker we get them the better the chances of survival since ones this size can go downhill rapidly through being cold and wet. This little girl will stay with us for the winter and then see how she is come the spring.

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