Overweight hedgehog

This overweight hedgehog came from Edinburgh on the 10th November weighing in at 415g and had been fed on live mealworms before coming here.

Since arrival here it would only eat dried mealworms or cat biscuits and has been on reduced rations since the middle of March. It now weighs 2.3kg and is pictured alongside one that came in on Monday 6th from Leven and only weighs 330g and appears to be an early one this year.

Majority released so far are all in the 1kg range but not obese and can curl into a tight ball.
Not many arrivals this year, only 4 to date which is unusual as we are normally into double figures by now. Just hope that the long winter has not killed too many.

Little and Large - 330grams = 2.3kilograms

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