Prickly problem solved by diet

Edinburgh the heavyweight hedgehog is now coming down in weight after being on a reduced amount of mealworms and a larger enclosure in the Hedgehog Hilton. Others out beside her are thinking about hibernating with the change in temperature but she still comes out every night for her mealworms.

She was weighed on the 24th and now tips the scales at a respectable 1235 grams and can roll into a fairly tight ball. She didn’t take too kindly having to pose for the photographer. The results can be seen in this copy of the article that was in The Press And Journal yesterday. The cartoon with it is appropriate and must have been done for this hedgehog.

This newspaper also mentions the fact that we are nominated for the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award.

Please get your vote in by 23.59hrs on the 7th November and help to get the hedgehog recognized in Scotland.


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