Unfortuneately due to the high level of SPAM and inapropriate comments submitted to the site I have decided to withdraw the facility. There was over 3,000 (three thousand) entries in the last four weeks to be removed which took over four hours. Some entries even suggested following their advice and I could have up to another 300 hit per day! how much extra spam would that involve.
Sorry for any genuine comments that may have expected a reply but it was taking that long to remove the entries that I did not have the time to read every one.
If anyone has a genuine query about hedgehogs we can be reached by the other means as stated in the web site.
I know that young children often look at the site and I would not like to have it banned due to inappropriate comments or suggestions left by others. This is a clean site for the welfare of hedgehogs which are very few in numbers now so let us keep it that way.
Thank you.

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