Watch out for late hedgehog nests

Even as late as November it is still possible to come across a nesting hedgehog with a very young family.

These four were discovered on the 28th October at the Framing Yard, Lintrathen Sawmill, Nr Kirriemuir when some timber was lifted by a forklift truck.

 Unfortunately the mother was killed at the time but quick thinking by the driver resulted in the hoglets finding a new home with us (electric heat pad and clean towels – sheer luxury after the frosty home they had).

 They weighed in at 138 – 144 – 145 & 147 grams and are on a choice of goats milk with Abidec added, dried mealworms, chicken supermeat, Rowena’s hedgehog mix from Jacobi Jayne’s and Costco’s Super Premium Maintenance chicken flavour cat biscuits. By the 1st November they weighed 183 – 190 – 203 & 170 grams with the first two (females) both increasing the same but the other two (males) will require watching since No3 increased by 58g but No4 is now the lightest. They are all in together but may have to be separated if they are not all steadily gaining weight.

 With 52 hedgehogs in care at the moment and others arriving on a daily basis we could get a bit short of space around here soon although we have had over 80 in at the same time on previous years.

 With bonfire weekend and the usual loud noise, especially the screaming rockets, we can expect a few fatalities among our residents due to shock, By Monday we may have the usual singed and injured patients brought in, hopefully not too badly injured.

The four hoglets rescued from Lintrathen, Kirriemuir on the 28th October.

Number 3 with tennis ball


As we arrived with the remains of our nest.

UPDATE ON  3rd November

The new weights are now: No.1 =183g (+45),  No.2 =190g (+46),  No.3 =203g (+58),  No.4 =170g (+23).

New weights on 9th now: No.1 =215g (+32),  No.2 =237g (+47),  No.3 =243g (+40),  No.4 =200g (+30).

No’s 1 & 3 are always the first out for food, No.4 who was the heaviest when they arrived is now the lightest but is still gaining weight and is lively enough, will have to keep a close watch on it.

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