Website problems

Welcome back and sorry about the problem with the site.

I was alerted to the problem by a lady calling from Bury-St-Edmunds, Suffolk on the 9th March who wondered if we were still looking after hedgehogs as the site was coming up with an “Error 404 Page not found” message. It appears that someone used some form of hacking attempt which wiped the site.

With assistance from Kevin Reid we have now recovered most of the posts except for the Guestbook entries, Links to other sites and all the images. I am working on the images and photos now and as it is a completely new site layout it is taking a bit of time along with looking after 60+ hedgehogs in care.

The 20th hedgehog this year was brought in today from Crieff with blood at its nostrils so will have to have the usual TLC and hope that it recovers. All the Hilton residents are now active so a lot will be leaving from the 9th onwards, some back to their original homes and others to new locations where they will be cared for with a supply of water and possibly a dish of food at night.

A special thank you to everyone that has assisted with cleaning the dirty boxes and for the donations of food and money for the hedgehogs, also a thank you to Lauren who is helping out on Sundays as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Lauren with Snuffles

Smile for the camera

1 and 3 from Sawmill, Lintrathen

Hope she is not going to hold us up to the camera

These two are No 1 and 3 from the sawmill at Lintrathen (28/10/2010) the other two are together in a separate box and are all doing well.

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