Homoeopathic remedies


For more detail see “The Natural Hedgehog” by Jane Durrant and Lenni Sykes.

Homoeopathy will not interfere with positive effects of drugs. For the Homoeopathic vet, hedgehogs respond well to remedies, dosages and indications as for other small animals.

It is important to give only one dose and not repeat it until you are sure the effect of the first dose has ceased. The idea is to give the minimum dose needed to stimulate a response and repeat only when necessary. Once you are satisfied that your hedgehog has responded to a remedy as much as possible, you no longer need to repeat it, unless the animal’s condition deteriorates again.

If possible, enlist the support of a homoeopath or homoeopathic vet at the start of a case. Many homoeopaths are willing to advise on prescribing for wildlife. If you are inexperienced, always take the hedgehog to a vet to make sure you do not miss anything important.

Aconite:  hypothermia, shock, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, chest infections.

Ant tart:  pneumonia, rattling in chest, diarrhoea.

Apis mel:  hot painful swellings, urinary problems, shrieks from pain.

Arnica:  main shock remedy, injury, bruising of soft tissue.

Arsen alb:  first remedy for thin restless hedgehogs with digestive problems, diarrhoea, cystitis, passing blood, hyperactive babies.

Bacillinum:  ringworm.

Belladonna:  to reduce temperature, sunstroke, fits, overheating.

Bryonia:  dry coughs, constipation, abscesses, for irritable hedgehogs.

Calc carb:  sour discharges and stools, digestive upset, dehydration.

Calendula:  cleansing of surface wounds.

Cannabis indicaout of touch with reality, hyperactive, urinary problems. 

Cantharis:  cystitis, painful urination, bladder/kidney problems, burns, scalds, blisters.

Carbo veg:  for collapsed, weak, sick, dehydrated, exhausted hedgehogs with blue mouths, pneumonia, very cold.

Causticum:  main remedy for deep burns, urinary problems and paralysis from muscle weakness or nerve damage.

Chamomilla:  teething problems, colic in hoglets, sour green stools.

China:  loss of fluids, e.g. bleeding, diarrhoea, dehydrated.

Conium Mac:  for any type of paralysis, especially in older hedgehogs.

Euphrasia:  runny or sticky eyes, conjunctivitis – use in solution with sterile water to bathe eyes.

Graphites:  very useful skin remedy where dry and cracked or oozing.

Hepar sulph:  infected wounds, abscesses, respiratory problems with weakness and rattling in chest.

Hypericum:  spinal or nerve injury, puncture wounds, prevents infection, stops pain e.g. after amputation, Stops foot biting and mutilation. Use Hypercal (Hypericum/Calendula cream externally for wounds).

Ignatia:  shock, orphans, stress, colic, lack of appetite.

Lachesis:  for septicaemia, blood poisoning, ulcerated flesh wounds.

Ledum:  puncture wounds, bites, stings, eye injuries to prevent infection,(if infected use Hypericum), crusty eruptions round nose and mouth.

Lycopodium:  wind, digestive upsets, hepatitis, urinary problems.

Mercurius sol:  digestive upsets, stools green, slimy, inclined to bite.

Nux vom:  diarrhoea, vomiting, blood in droppings/urine or coughing up blood, appetite loss, paralysis, active and nervous.

Phosphorus:  respiratory problems, diarrhoea, dehydration, haemorrhage.

Rhus tox:  sprains, stiffness, chills.

Ruta gravinjuries to fibrous tissue, bruised bones, sprains, dislocations.

Silica:  digestive upsets, dehydration, respiratory problems, fungal infections and to expel foreign bodies. Give when hedgehog feels cold, to promote suppuration and bring abscess to a head.

Sulphur:  (do not give after calc carb): to improve resistance to all parasites, for coughs due to lung worm, diarrhoea, to clarify symptoms to enable you to give correct remedy.

Symphytum:  (knitbone) for fractures, injuries to face and eyes and old injuries that have not healed, after amputation.

Tarentula hispanica:  hyperactive babies and juveniles, restless, erratic.

Thuja:  ringworm, other skin conditions (crusty, warty growths and chronic problems) digestive upsets and urinary problems, nervous.

Urtica urens:  apply in solution to burns

Natural remedies:

 Aromatherapy oils, such as Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, can be used on bedding to calm stressed hedgehogs.

Almond oil containing a few drops of Tea Tree oil painted to areas of ringworm will kill spores and bacteria.

Almond oil containing a few drops of Lavender Oil – as a massage for mobility/stiffness

Charcoal (medicinal):  for trapped wind, toxins in gut and diarrhoea.

Evening Primrose Oil:  few drops on food to improve condition of skin/fur/spines

Garlic juiceapplied externally to ringworm and mange

Olbas Oil, Karvol or Eucalyptus oil:  few drops on bedding to ease blocked noses (to encourage hedgehog to eat). Antidotal.

Pro-Biotic PowderProtexin sachets from the vet or Acidobifidus powder (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria) from health food shops to restore healthy gut flora after antibiotics or when digestive upsets occur.

Rescue Remedy:  Bach Flower Remedies: first aid for stress and injury

Vitamins:  SA37Vetamin + ZincAbidec or similar on food to improve appetite and condition.

Wheatgerm Oil:  to improve general condition.

Crystal Healing

Quartz, Rose Crystal, or Love Stone is a great comfort to orphaned hedgehogs. Put in with the orphan to curl up with. It helps to heal grief and other emotional problems.

Purple Plates:  The positive energy plate, or Purple Plate, is an extraordinarily powerful healing tool. It is made from aluminium which has been treated specially to enable it to act as a transceiver of universal energy. Hedgehogs, no matter what their size, often go and lie on the plate, and move off when its work is done. It is of great help in emergencies, often reviving unconscious hedgehogs. Put seriously ill hedgehogs on the plate when giving first aid or fluids, or whilst working out which remedy to give.

Crystal Healing

 The ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL, or Love Stone, is a great comfort to orphaned hedgehogs.  It helps to heal grief and other emotional problems.

Crystal healing

                       The healing properties of crystals and gemstones have been known about and made use of for centuries and throughout the world. What is particularly interesting is that the hedgehogs seem to sense when a crystal is good for them. They will lie with it, lick it, or carry it around with them. They also seem to know when they have had enough from the crystal, and so move away from it. It is hard to know whether or not this is just coincidence, but since many animals seek out particular plants with therapeutic properties, why not crystals?