The fate of Hamish Hedgehog

                            Hamish Hedgehog

         Oh man! Oh man! Ya pare wee gouk,

        It seems ye didnae hear me shout,

        Look out! Look out! Heh watch yirsel.

        An then it happened, an ah could tell

        Ye had nae chance and ye wir struck

        Bi a 77 bus – ye had nae luck,

        An noo yir deid!


        Oh why! Oh why! Did you decide

        Tae cross the road tae the other side?

        Whare wir ye goin’ – ah’ll niver know,

        Bit there it is – yir deid – an so

        Ah cannae leave ye lyin thare,

        Ah’ll lift ye up wi lovin care,

        An bury ye!


        An on yir gravestone ah will scribe,

        “This pare wee hedgehog’s here tae bide,

        Fareweel, fareweel, ye will be missed”.

        An as a mourner ah will say this,

        “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,

        Knocked doon on the road bi a 77 bus,

        An mairs the pity”.

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